The Noize – WINNER Best Film Madison 48hfp 2013

WINNER – Best Film Madison 48hfp 2013
Winner of: Best Film, Best Directing, Best Cinematography, Best Graphics, Best Ensemble Acting, Audience Favorite.

This film, in its entirety, was made in 48 hours for the Madison 48 Hour Film Project. The crew was given their required elements of genre (Mistaken Identity), a prop (pillow), a line of dialogue (“Forget everything I just said.”), and a character (Sinclair Vandermint, kleptomaniac) on Friday night at 7p.m. Once given these elements, the teams participating in the competition have exactly 48 hours to hand in a completed film.

Oliver was named after Colin Wilcox’s son who was born a day before the 2012 48. Ilsa is named after Paul Ziech’s newborn daughter.

The mother yelling for Luke was a nod to actor Luke Kramer. These three regular contributors to Firmament Films were unable to attend this year.

The bumper sticker on Ilsa’s car reads: 104.9 the Noize – because silence is for wussies.

CAMEO: Renfield, the Moehr’s dog previously seen in Dangerous Summers.

The billboard for Wildman and the Goose was hand drawn by Candace Ostler.

The stunt of the Prius hitting the bike was performed by camera operator Will Ball.

Moments before filming, the Sun Prairie Police appeard on the scene to investigate the gathered crew. They declined to make an appearance in the film.

Actress Julia Smith is a certified yoga instructor in real life. The class she is instructing is made up of the crew.

The white board behind T.C. in the credits features references to previous 48’s, including Patrick Raynol, Tanner Greene, and Matt Michaels, all previous required characters. Dangerous Summers baddie Lou Chihuahua’s name also appears.

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